5 easy dog chew toys to make at home!

May 07, 2021 2 min read

5 easy dog chew toys to make at home!

That’s it! Ivy has destroyed her last sock, chewed her last shoe, unravelled her last toilet roll.. enough is enough! She has plenty of chew toys, but a bit like when I look in my wardrobe and think “I’ve got nothing to wear”, she inspects her toy box and thinks “I’ve got nothing to chew!” And that’s when she starts looking for something new to chew on, usually something we would rather she left well alone.

So instead of spending bundles of money on expensive toys she is simply going to destroy because it’s fun, and in the spirit of recycling old stuff, I have decided I am going to make my own!

1. Denim knots

OK, let’s start easy peasy lemon squeezy. They don’t have to be made out of denim, in fact a variety of materials will give your pooch a different ‘chew’ experience. But I am starting with denim so that Ivy the Destroyer will be able to chew for longer. I am not going to insult your intelligence by describing how to make these – suffice to say, if it’s too old and scruffy for the charity shop, chop it up and tie a knot in it!

2. Ball’n’sock

Another winner.

You will need:

i. One sock – you’ve all got a pile of lonely, single socks that need a new lease of life.

ii. One tennis ball – if you’ve got a dog and you don’t have tennis balls scattered around the garden and the house, what’s wrong with you?!


Tie a knot in the sock, pop in the tennis ball and tie another knot. Voila!

Oops! Didn’t really need to describe that did I? Another simple chew toy that anyone can make. I promise not to do it again!

3. Octo-ball

Ivy loves to chase balls and nibble at anything with dangly bits, so this octopus-like toy made from fabric and a tennis ball is a real winner. No instructions necessary!

4. Tennis ball treat toy

This is a great one for any dog that is food/treat-driven (Ivy will do anything for a treat!). In fact, if she doesn’t come when I call her name, I just have to shout “treat!” and she is by my side! I digress… no instructions needed, but in the interest of health and safety, be careful with the very sharp knife you will need to cut the ball to avoid taking ‘raw’ feeding to another level!

5. Plastic fantastic

Use different types of fabric to wrap old plastic water bottles. The fabric itself provides a sensory experience and the crackle of the bottle when it’s chewed is very satisfying for your pooch (if a little grating on the ears for you!).

And there you have it! Five simple chew toys to stop your pooch destroying your house. I would say the more the merrier, but only put a few out at a time to maintain their interest. If you have any other ideas, we would love to hear them – comment them down below!

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